Mastermind Dark Funghi Bar 1500mg


This one is for the Dark Chocolate lovers! The Mastermind 1500mg Dark Chocolate Bar provides an easy, consistent, reliable and tasty way to ingest your Magic Mushrooms. These bars contain 1500mg of our premium Psilocybe Cubensis blend and is distributed evenly in 15 x 100mg square. For Dark Chocolate lovers looking to go on a magical journey, or microdose daily, the 1500mg Dark Chocolate Bar is a fan favorite!

First time user recommended dosage: Start with 2 doses (200mg). Allow 30-60 minutes for full effect before another dose is considered.

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Mastermind dark Funghi Bar 1500mg .This one is for the darkish Chocolate lovers! The Mastermind 1500mg dark Chocolate Bar gives an smooth, steady, reliable and attractive way to ingest your Magic Mushrooms. These bars incorporate 1500mg of our top rate Psilocybe Cubensis mixture and is sent flippantly in 15 x 100mg square. For darkish Chocolate lovers seeking to pass on a magical adventure, or microdose every day, the 1500mg darkish Chocolate Bar is a fan favored!

First time user endorsed dosage: begin with 2 doses (200mg). Permit 30-60 mins for complete impact before another dose is considered.

playing your weekly dose of shrooms has never been more scrumptious. With MasterMind’s darkish Chocolate Psilocybe Cubensis Bar, you’re receiving a hearty dose of magic mushrooms in each chunk. The chocolate bar consists of an impressive 1,500 mg. of psilocybin, making this treat wonderful for brand spanking new and skilled consumers alike. each square carries a hundred mg. of natural magic mushroom goodness.

MasterMind creates their merchandise the usage of a stunning blend of psilocybin mushrooms that are there to your thoughts-changing pleasure. MasterMind seeks out Canadian-grown mushrooms to make certain a close-to-home experience and ingredients you can accept as true with. those top class magic mushrooms paired with rich darkish chocolate flavors and notes of cacao to create a trip you’ll in no way overlook. no longer do you have to go through thru the much less-than-attractive taste of shrooms on their own. With MasterMind, your trips will no longer simplest be mighty, but they’ll be pleasing past belief.

To enjoy, MasterMind recommends taking just one chocolate rectangular at a time. due to the high potency of this chocolate, even the most experienced clients must stick with simply one and see how it influences you. make sure to consume a mild meal earlier than taking to present your belly a piece of sustenance. This also enables to keep away from discomfort. After intake, wait approximately an hour for outcomes to kick in. whether or not you need to enjoy this deal with all at once or damage it down for gentle microdosing, MasterMind will take you to a whole new global with their 1,500 mg. darkish Chocolate Psilocybe Cubensis Bar.

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