Slow Mo Mushroom Chocolate


Slow Mo Mushroom Chocolate

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Origin Slow Mo Mushroom Chocolate

Slow Mo Chocolates has truly upped the ante with this superb magic mushroom and premium Belgian handmade chocolate bar. Each bar has a total of 4 grams, each square is 0.5 grams. These bars are made with Psilocybe Cubensis, the most widely used variety of psychedelic mushrooms.


Effects of Slow Mo Mushroom Chocolate

Effects vary from person to person as individual brain chemistry and psychological predisposition play a significant role in determining appropriate doses. Psychedelics are powerful medicine and have been documented to be used to help break people out of brain fog, depression and addiction.  If unfamiliar with magic mushroom consumption, it is important to start slow and expect psychedelic effects after consuming just one gram (two squares). The full effect can take 1-2 hours to be felt, we highly suggest not consuming any additional squares until 2 hours have passed after first consumption. Additionally, as with most natural medicines potency can vary depending on each cultivation or “flush”.

Taste of Slow Mo Mushroom Chocolate

Given how tasty these bars are it’s hard to believe these are made with four grams of magic mushrooms! The chocolate masks any unwanted flavour or texture that might inhibit someone’s ability to consume them. No need to plug your nose or try to pretend they taste good with pizza. Slow Mo’s magic mushroom chocolate bars are each handcrafted and made with the utmost care and love.  This is truly a decadent way of consuming magic mushrooms.

Ingredients of Slow Mo Mushroom Chocolate

Ingredients: Dark Belgium Chocolate (70%), Psilocyne Cubensis Mushrooms, cocoa butter and natural food colouring. Consume responsibly and ALWAYS keep out of reach of children.


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